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Frequently Asked Questions


"Can you get the materials for me?"
Yes, certainly! Derick is happy to either fetch any items that are required, or arrange delivery for them on your behalf. Using SMT to collect your materials means you could further benefit from trade discounts at a variety of merchants.   
"Do you have insurance?"
Of course! SMT carries 5,000,000 public and product liability insurance provided by NIG. Policy details available on request.
"How quickly can you come out?"
Jobs are currently booked a week or two in advance. If your job is urgent, let Derick know and he'll do his best to accommodate.
"Will I have to wait in all day?"
Definitely not! Derick always agrees a time to suit you. If there is ever any unexpected delays (i.e. traffic, etc), Derick will always keep in constant contact to keep you updated.
"Do you work evenings or weekends?"
Preferably not, but if that's what's convenient for you then we'll do it! Unlike most other companies, SMT doesn't charge any extra for working in the evening, Saturdays or Sundays. 
"Do you do office work?"
Yes - love it! SMT can take care of all your maintenance needs. There is no need to open an account. Just call and arrange a time to suit. Businesses can be invoiced (payment required within 5 working days).
"How can I pay?"
Preferred payment is cash upon completion. BACS transfers must be agreed upon prior to commencement of any works.
Got a question of your own? Please feel free to get in touch.